Wondering how to cut back on your phone addiction? Joey Odom Explains

Phillip Stutts
2 min readFeb 10, 2023

Social media is fu*%ing up our brains.

Ask yourself this question: do you spend more time looking at other people’s memories on your phone, or more time creating your own memories in real life?

When I think about this question, I have to admit that it’s probably 50/50… which is a gut punch when I really reflect upon it.

My next guest on the Undefeated Marketing podcast is Joey Odom, co-founder of Aro, which helps families put down their phones to spend more time together.

How does Aro work, how do they market their company? How are they unique in the marketplace? Oh, and what did Joey do after I bought an Aro that prompted me to proactively reach out and invite him on my podcast? We discuss it all.

In addition, this is an incredibly important product in today’s market that helps people understand their relationship with their phones (I am not paid by Aro and have no affiliation with them — I’m just a fan of their business because it resonates with me).

It reminds me of a quote from my friend and mentor, Keith Cunningham — he says that in life we always have a choice, “You can proactively take the vitamin to be healthy and avoid pain, or you can reactively take the Advil — after the pain has occurred. Which will you choose?”

Is your phone behavior like taking a vitamin or an Advil?

If you feel like you are addicted to your phone, listen to this episode to learn how you can change your behavior patterns to be healthier with it and create more memories of your own.




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