Will Life EVER Be Normal Again? Your Customers Don’t Think So….

  1. Consumers are still buying for “need” only. You must position your brand, product, or service to meet their needs! How do I surmise this?
  • 93% of all consumers will not be buying a luxury item anytime soon. A luxury item is not considered a “need.”
  • 62% of Americans are deeply concerned about the economy.
  • When considering shopping at a “physical” store, the top 2 choices for all purchasers are grocers (58% of consumers) and general merchandise stores, like Walmart, Target, Costco (62% of consumers). These transactions are “need” decisions.
  • 74% of all consumers are not comfortable attending a live event with crowds (safety issues) and 58% of Americans are not even comfortable going to church.
  • 68% of consumers feel unsafe taking a train or plane (based on our May survey). In June, that number remained at 68%.
  • 51.8% of consumers are even more concerned about the Coronavirus than they were in past months. When you add in those who were already highly concerned (in the past), it hits 75% of all consumers. Seems obvious but that number is growing, it’s related to safety and you need to understand it.
  1. Look at Question 46. While this is a consumer survey (not a political voter survey), it’s clear there is a HUGE trend towards Americans wanting closed borders, which is another clear indicator of how important “safety” is right now with purchasing decisions. This is the second month in a row we’ve seen numbers like this, so the trend is holding.
  2. Video streaming and online grocery delivery have been declining since its peak this spring. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, it’s not a big trend — think of it as “an evening-out” now that the economy is slowly reopening and Americans are consuming less screen time and going to physical stores.
  3. Music streaming, radio, and podcasts have increased. No doubt this is attributable to local economies opening back up and Americans commuting to work again.



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Phillip Stutts

Phillip Stutts


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