What You Can Learn From The Most Innovative Company In The World With Geoff Woods

Master of “The One Thing” Geoff Woods joins Phillip this week to discuss how he helps business leaders invest their time to achieve extraordinary results.

The pair begin by telling listeners about their connection through the mastermind “Front Row Dads” in which they both focus on their goal to become a better father and husband.

Then the pair dive into Geoff’s work and how exactly he helps business leaders from small businesses to Fortune 500 find clarity in their goals and work-life. Geoff highlights the importance of prioritization and building a team that can own 100% of their jobs so that the leaders can focus on the “one thing” they are working to achieve.

Phillip digs deeper on Geoff’s beginning with The One Thing and his experience working with self-made billionaire Gary Keller (co-founder of Keller Williams Real Estate). Geoff takes the audience back in time with a story of one of his first meetings with Gary and how he completely changed his outlook on time and priorities. Overall the message is this — Narrow your focus and EARN the right to move on to the next priority.

Geoff follows this story with his account of another shift in mindset inspired by Gary Keller. After a super-successful launch, Gary told Geoff that he had still failed. *take your notes here because this failure led to Geoff’s realization that raving fans are what make a product successful

Finally, the pair digest how the pandemic, and other major shifts in the world, can derail “The One Thing” business model and how Goeff’s “Adele Script” calls to clients saved their businesses. He even gives a detailed example of how he helped a small division of sales reps achieve 133% of the companies global sales all during this major shift.

Stick around at the end for Phillip’s free MARKETING TIP OF THE WEEK that involves a social advertisement that gives you ownership of client data AND recruits raving fans to your business. Geoff shares his own advice by letting business owners in on a secret — not all marketing options are equal, so what is your “One Thing?”




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