Trump vs. Biden — Here’s what you don’t know

The most common question I get today is: “What’s going to happen with the presidential election? Can Trump really win again? Can Biden pull it off by just hiding in his basement?”

I don’t think it’s as easy as who wins and who loses. I think this election is much more perilous. You probably feel the same way.

Our values, our systems, our rules, and our commonality have broken down — and it feels like we are on the verge of a real civil war.

If I am going by the data, within the next decade, I believe many American states will try and secede from our union.

Yes, secede.

This is not a joke or hyperbole. I truly believe we are heading in that direction based on the confluence of massively disruptive events.

As I’ve poured over consumer and voter data since March, I’m convinced now more than ever, that our societal “kicking the can” on sacrifice, responsibility, debt, education, etc. is boiling over.

We all have some big choices to make soon and mark November 3rd (Election Day) as the first big one.

And after looking at hundreds of thousands of data points since March (which we’ve released to subscribers, for free, to improve your business outcomes — HERE), there are some key current indicators of unrest, that I believe will be put on steroids after the election. This includes:

  1. 53% of Americans distrust the federal government.

What’s the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back after the presidential election on November 3?

Maybe it’s a newly elected President Biden mandating all Americans get a coronavirus vaccine (when it becomes available) and the red states revolt.

Or maybe it’s when blue state Americans (and the mainstream media) literally can’t tolerate four more years of President Trump and rebel.

Most likely it will be some issue or action we haven’t even thought about yet. …

If you read the tea leaves like me and want to follow data-oriented leaders in the news, podcast and social media world (that will help you combat the looming storm), here are some of the best “thinkers” fighting for a more hopeful future:

  1. Sports and Politics — Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock: The owners of are fighting against the mainstream media cancel-culture mob and looking at sports and race-based data differently than any other media publication in America. Their opinions are counter to what you are seeing out there, it’s being attacked by CNN, the Washington Post, and similar outlets. These guys take the bullets so you don’t have to. Check them out here:, Clay Travis (Twitter), Jason Whitlock (Twitter), and Outkick The Show.

As former Democratic presidential candidate, Andrew Yang recently stated, we are a society that is “data shy and argument heavy.”

It might be time for the silent majority to follow the data, speak up, and help our country heal from the most unstable year of our lives.

Otherwise, we are going to have a civil war.

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