The Best Value Propositions and the Top Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business with Cody Foster

Cody Foster joins Phillip on this unique and super interesting episode of The Undefeated Marketing Podcast. Who is Cody Foster? He’s co-founder of Advisors Excel (a financial marketing organization responsible for helping 500 advisors do $8.2 billion in annuity, medicare, and life insurance production in 2020) and host of “The Business of Advice” podcast (launching in September 2021).

After a quick rundown on their introduction to each other after Cody spoke on stage at a Tony Robbins Business Mastery mastermind, they dive right into the conversation with a highlight of why customer/client data is the key to success for business owners and marketers. Phillip even shares some shocking data that impacts business owners on the culture side….your employees are now in charge. They also explain the common misconception that business owners have when it comes to their marketing and what platforms they are using. *take note you might be doing this without even knowing.

This jump-starts a deeper conversation between Phillip and Cody on the one word that really matters in marketing right now. In addition, Cody gives a real account of how personalization and connecting to clients can create trust in the world of financial advising. The pair follows their deep dive into personal connection to explain the value proposition system that Cody utilizes in his business.

Cody then opens the conversation to discuss the SEC’s decision to allow financial advisors to utilize online reviews in their marketing. Phillip steps in to discuss how third-party validation works in the world today and how business owners (and financial advisors) can use it. *lookout for the two-for-one innovation from one of Phillip’s clients here.

Finally, Cody and Phillip change gears and discuss company culture. Phillip explains the reason he decided to hire a culture director, the importance of trust-based perks, and how he has adjusted to remote management. Cody sums up his culture motto in a simple sentence: a better team makes it a better business.

To round out the episode Phillip and Cody give you their MARKETING TIP OF THE WEEK that can be used for client relations and in internal culture functions.



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