I Tried Going Negative With My Advertising — and It Actually Worked. Here’s What I Learned

Comparison, Not Annihilation

Turns out, most of my customers will root for my company when I position myself as the underdog trying to knock out my biggest competitors. Thinking like an underdog both creates a drive within my company to innovate and also attracts a following of consumers who want to see me win and may even want to be a part of my winning growth story.

It’s About ROI

When looking to increase profile and brand awareness, I’ve found that going negative is a smart, lean, cost-effective solution, that can yield substantial results. When it comes to digital marketing, we’ve all been taught that differentiation and unique selling propositions are what allows us to stand out, become associated with the category and move to the first consideration when someone is thinking about making a purchase decision. For some brands, like Sparkle Coin, this means creating effective marketing and messages on the value provided to consumers, while not hiding some challenges. By giving value you first, you leverage the potential for a higher ROI later down the line.

Turning Negative Advertising Into Positive Results

The bottom line is that negativity works. But, as Stutts emphasized, it has to be comparison advertising with finesse, a certain flair, and creativity — especially for a company trying to disrupt their market and its more established competitors.



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Phillip Stutts

Phillip Stutts

Founder/CEO: Win Big Media | Founder: Go Big Media | Repped by Vayner Speakers & Keppler Speakers | Author: “Fire Them Now: The 7 Lies Digital Marketers Sell…”