How This Documentary Filmmaker Built a Marketing Empire

In this episode of the Undefeated Marketing Podcast, Phillip is joined by Marisa Murgatroyd, former documentary filmmaker, founder of Live Your Message, and creator of Experience Product Masterclass.

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After recounting the beginning of their friendship in the Eben Pagan mastermind, Phillip dives into the beginnings of Marisa’s career as a documentary filmmaker living in the Amazon, where she created what she calls “the true social media” — media about social issues. They dive deep into Marisa’s experiences in the Amazon, have her revisit some information about her earlier work that she has not talked about in years, and highlight the skills she developed that have made her the entrepreneur she is today.

Transitioning to her career as an entrepreneur, Marisa explains to Phillip why she left the world of social issues and filmmaking to pursue entrepreneurship. She points to some impressive statistics about online courses and their inability to take action, which inspired her to use her filmmaking skills to develop a solution. She goes into detail about how her idea evolved to include the world of apps and games until she began to identify the “Ten Core Experiences” that can make online courses a success.

Turning the conversation to the world of marketing, Phillip and Marisa discuss her messages and how she shares them with her audience to grow her brand. An important lesson here: Customer success is the new marketing.

Finally, Phillip discusses some industry news (the job market) and some personal insights into Marisa’s experience working with her spouse.

To round out the episode, Phillip and Marisa give their MARKETING TIP OF THE WEEK. Phillip enters the world of sales this week with a quote from David Meerman Scott about lead response. Marisa then briefly discusses the many “touchpoints” in sales and gives a great example of how she does it in her career.




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