[BONUS EPISODE]: Data With the Biggest Impact We Have Ever Released

Phillip Stutts
2 min readApr 15, 2022

YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY… I just posted the largest data report I’ve ever released to help all entrepreneurs — in this very uncertain economic moment (it’s an easy-to-read memorandum too).

Uncertainty in the market? Yes. Our findings looked at how consumers are behaving amidst all the chaos (war, pandemic, inflation, supply chain issues, food shortages, protests, masks, cancellations, stock market fluctuations, disruptions in children’s education, media bias, etc.).

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Win BIG Media’s VP of Operations, Brandon McKee, and I are back to tell business owners that this is the most opportune time to double down on your marketing and come out on the other side of this storm with explosive results (that will help grow your business even more).

In the newest data report, you will learn that there are 3 types of consumers in the economy right now:

  1. The “Overwhelmed Consumer,”
  2. The “Influenced Consumer”
  3. The “Activist Consumer”

This report will give you intensive details on their demographics, branding, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the messaging that is guaranteed to reach them with high growth results (with real-life examples and suggestions).

*Get FREE, EXCLUSIVE access at www.winbigmedia.com/covid.

This data can not be found anywhere else, and your competitors are oblivious that it exists — so get it now and take advantage of this opportunity.

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