I need your help and it’s really important. This isn’t some click-bait ask, I genuinely need it.

If you’ve read this blog over the last few weeks, you know that I am releasing my new book soon. It’s called The Undefeated Marketing System How to Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience Using the Secret Formula that Elects Presidents and I want to invite you to read the “Introduction” and “Chapter 1” of the book — which I am giving to you exclusively for free — and want your opinion on it.

And here is the crazy thing…


Some good news for readers of this blog.

Facebook has finally succumbed to outside pressure and lifted its ban on “social issues” ads. If you read my recent story about how this “ban” affected a non-profit trying to save children from abuse, then you know this is an important victory for all of us.

Will it last? I hope so, but probably not.

In addition to the charity story, you may have also heard about my business marketing book cover being banned by Facebook due to the subtitle’s mention of presidential elections.

I’m happy to report that that ban has…

If you are like me, you love to read books that you can apply, and they will change your life forever. Rarely are two books released around the same time achieve this outcome.

Yet…here we are…

The first book is by James Altucher, called “Skip The Line.”

Is big tech censorship out of control?

Clearly yes.

You see, two huge stories have emerged in the last few weeks that portend a scary future for using social media platforms to market our businesses.

Let me tell you what happened…

Justin Donald wanted to spread his unique financial message to the average investor. He hit it big.

His recently released book, “The Lifestyle Investor: The 10 Commandments of Cash Flow Investing for Passive Income and Financial Freedom,” landed #1 on the Wall Street Journal’s best-seller list.

Pretty cool, right? Well, here is something that’s not so cool. …

It feels like we are all subscribed to 20 different email lists these days and who has time to read it all? I certainly don’t.

So, I’m making changes

I often preach to my clients, to other business owners, and to marketers that they need to innovate constantly, and now I am heeding my own advice. This blog — which I’m beyond grateful that you subscribe to — is changing.

I’m going to rejigger this blog going forward. I’ll continue to only send this email out every two weeks but I will now focus my content around two easy marketing…

My work was banned by Facebook. Let me tell you what happened…

A few weeks ago, I emailed 60 friends in the business world and asked them for help. I have a new book coming out in the spring and I wanted feedback on the 10 cover options my publisher had sent me to review.

Guess what happened? Of the 10 covers, three of them got 20 votes each. Weird that it went that way, but that’s not the story.

So I took the three top-voted covers, and asked my team to execute a $500 advertising A/B test on Facebook…

Today, I’m releasing our 11th national consumer study around the coronavirus economy.

Some huge POSITIVE changes are coming to the economy, and while consumer pessimism has stayed pretty consistent since we entered the March 2020 lockdown — I believe we’ll be out of the darkness soon.

As I’ve reported for months now, even though the stock market has been flourishing, around 70% of consumers still feel locked out of this economic growth. They are nervous about their finances, jobs, and the overall economy (thus, they have only been buying goods and services out of “need” only.)

And it makes sense…

Today, I actually want to share something that will make a difference in your life since we are in the season of giving.

In fact, it has literally helped millions of people transform their lives by simply changing how they start their day and I’m going to give you exclusive access to it today…

It’s my good friend Hal Elrod’s new movie, ***The Miracle Morning***, based on his book that has sold more than 2 million copies in over 100 countries. …

Holiday sales season is here!

However, it’s weirder than ever with lockdowns, social distancing, political unrest, etc. Not to mention you are bored and probably sick of your family (well, the family members the government “allowed” you to spend Thanksgiving with at least).

What are consumers going to do now to break out of their funk?


Even with limited resources, consumers are making huge purchasing decisions right now (I predict this run will last until the new year, and then we’ll probably see a slow down).

Customers are ready to shop and we are EXCLUSIVELY releasing our 10th consumer…

Well, here we are.

Did your candidate win or lose?

If you read my pre-election article (which our analytics team estimated 523,314 people actually read it so far), you know that I predicted Biden would win the popular vote, 156.7 million total votes would be cast (with national votes still being counted, it’s predicted that around 156.5 million Americans voted), and Trump would narrowly win the Electoral College.

But amidst the media’s current 24/7 clickbait stories regarding Trump’s allegations of voter fraud or Biden’s claim that it’s time to stop all the fighting (after Democrats shamed and canceled Republicans for…

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